Communal Wombs

A brief musing on Surrogacy in general, with particular reference to Full Surrogacy Now : Feminism Against Family, a recently published book by Sophie Lewis


On Forgetting Fairytales

Taber school in Barcelona, removing fairytales and books from young children’s bookshelves, and no doubt to be followed by other schools doing likewise, is a deeply ideological act, and part of a wider process of historical revisionism that infantilises us all.

Illiteracy to Illusion

From Illiteracy to Illusion – an interview with Branko Malic and MIhai Marinescu

And many subjects in between. How children learn. Thinking. Difference between material and digital spaces. Writing requires people to be alone. Memes. Reality tunnels. Synchronicity. Jung. Occultism. Projecting onto a mirror. The Mandela Effect.
What is real? Substantially real? Lies and Sophistry in Plato. Matter according to Aristotle. The space of the Internet. Unusual experiences. How to know what are an authentic experiences. Dark night of soul. Societal trauma.

Music used with gratitude from –
King PeterĀ“s Royal March of Nihilism by Dee Yan-Key
Devil on my Shoulder by The Underscore Orkestra
Ombroso by Dee Yan-Key